How to Get Tiger SherpaX NFT?

2 min readJan 15, 2022


To celebrate the Year of Tiger, there will be a 5 limited edition CID NFT “Year of the Tiger”

Total Rewards worth $100,000,000

We would release 80% of rewards(~$80,000,000) to our ecosystem community members and 20%(~$20,000,000) to those who collect all 5 Tiger NFTs.

Tiger SherpaX NFT is one of the 5 Tiger NFTs!

How to Get Tiger SherpaX NFT?

Giveaway #1: SherpaX Mainnet Custodian Election

SherpaX mainnet is now live! Click the link below to learn how to become a SherpaX custodian:


Those who will be ranked 11–18 in the custodian election will receive 200 Tiger SherpaX NFTs each.

Those who are finally elected to the custodian will receive 500 Tiger SherpaX NFTs each.

Event period: January 15 to January 27

Giveaway #2: sBTC Cross-chain Event


Starting from January 15th, all users who complete the sBTC cross-chain deposit process and transfer X-sBTC to this address


with an amount greater than or equal to 0.001 will receive a Tiger SherpaX NFT. And the NFT will be received within 30 minutes.

Please complete the above process using the address corresponding to your CID to ensure that you can receive NFT.

For the specific sBTC cross-chain tutorial, please refer to this article:

Cross-chain period: January 15 to February 15

Bonus up :

100,000 mini points and 20000 PCX will be shared by all the Tiger SherpaX NFT holders!

If you wanna collect all the 5 Tiger NFTs, click to know more:




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