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2 min readMar 14, 2022



When the number of new TG memembers reaches 10,000, we will airdrop a total of 10,000KSX.
When the number of new TG memember reaches 30,000, we will airdrop a total of 50,000KSX.

Event deadline: April 1,8:00 am UTC

You just need:

1. Retweet and Enter the telegram group of ChainX and SherpaX
ChainX TG:
SherpaX TG:

2.Fill in your

(1) Twitter username(2) Telegram username (3) Ethereum address


in the pinned form of the SherpaX TG group.

We will pull the list of TG group members and compare it with the form.Those malicious addresses are detected and disqualified.

We will airdrop KSX to the Ethereum address you submitted after the event, you need to use MetaMask wallet and add SherpaX network to check your KSX balance.

SherpaX Network Information (for adding SherpaX Network in MetaMask):

Network Name:SHERPAX




Block Explorer URL:

After the rewards are distributed, you can see your KSX in MetaMask.

If you want to Swap your KSX with other coins, or transfer KSX from an Ethereum address back to a SherpaX address, you can use SoSwap. SoSwap requires you to link both the MetaMask wallet and the Polkadot.js extension wallet.

SoSwap link:

How to use SoSwap:

For new users, the mnemonic of your ComingChat account is the mnemonic of your SherpaX address, and you can use this mnemonic to log in to the Polkadot.js extension wallet.




SherpaX, an independent research and development network priming them for mainstream application on ChainX.