sBTC cross-chain deposit and withdrawal tutorial

3 min readDec 31, 2021


Now all users can experience the cross-chain deposit and withdrawal process of sBTC through the SherpaX mainnet.

The specific operation process is as follows.

The deposit process:

Click this link to open SherpaX Dapp Wallet, click ‘Add account’, enter your ComingChat Mnemonic to log in to the account. Name can be set at will. Click ‘Next’.

Click ‘Save’.

Click ‘Top Up’.

The following page appears:

Open ComingChat, click Wallet, select sBTC.

Click ‘Send’, select ‘Address’, the following page appears:

Copy the OP_RETURN of the SherpaX Dapp Wallet Top up page and paste it in the OP RETURN of the current page of ComingChat. Copy the Trust hot multi-signature address of the SherpaX Dapp Wallet Top up page and paste it in the Receiving address of the current page of ComingChat.

Enter the amount of sBTC you want to recharge, here I choose to recharge 0.1sBTC.

Click ‘Continue’ to complete the sBTC cross-chain deposit process.

The withdrawal process:

Click ‘Withdrawals’ on the SherpaX Dapp Wallet page.

Fill in your own sBTC address and the amount you want to withdraw. Remark does not need to fill in, and then click Withdrawals in the lower right corner.

Enter the password you set when you added the account, and click Sign and Submit.

The above is the whole process of sBTC cross-chain recharge and withdrawal, let’s experience it!




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