SherpaX Network to Launch Lucky Treasure Game

3 min readJun 16, 2022


SherpaX Network will soon be releasing a game called Lucky Treasure, which is planned to be integrated into SoSwap on SherpaX Network. Once the game is live, users will be able to experience it directly on SoSwap.

The Lucky Treasure game works like this:


Any user can act as the creator of the game, create a treasure chest and transfer a certain number of treasure tokens to it. The creator also needs to set the type of the ticket token, as well as the number of the tickets and ticket denominations.
For example, if you are a creator, you can put 100 usdt worth of BTC in the treasure chest, and then you can set PCX as the ticket token to participate in the game, and set a total of 100 tickets to be issued, each worth 2 PCX. (This is just an example, creators can set it as they wish.)


Next, any user can spend 2PCX to buy a ticket to participate in the game. Users can purchase multiple tickets to increase the probability of obtaining treasures.


The Validity period of each treasure chest is temporarily set at 1 day (It may be adjusted by the contract owner before the game goes live). If all 100 tickets are sold within 1 day, the creator of the treasure chest will have to click “Open Treasure Chest” to draw a prize within the remaining time of the validity period. The winner will receive all the treasure tokens invested by the creator in the treasure chest, and the contract owner will receive a small portion of the ticket tokens as a service fee, while the rest of the ticket tokens will go to the creator of the treasure chest.


If all 100 tickets are not sold within the validity period, the creator cannot open the treasure chest and the chest expires. The treasure chest creator has an additional 1 day (again, tentatively 1 day, subject to adjustment.) to dispose of expired treasure chest. Of this, the ticket tokens will be returned to all participants and the treasure tokens will be returned to the treasure chest creator.If the treasure chest creator does not dispose of the expired treasure chest within the specified time, 10% of the treasure tokens will be forfeited to the contract owner.

All operations of the Lucky Treasure game are done on the chain. The rules of the game are deployed as smart contracts on the EVM of the SherpaX network. Its fairness comes from the randomness of the winner.

Lucky Treasure Game reduces the cost of participation in blockchain games, anyone can act as a treasure chest creator or participant. The game contract code is open source, so users can participate with confidence. Most importantly, users have the chance to get huge tokens as rewards while experiencing the fun of the game.




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